IBC dispensing system

From pump kits to metering systems


Quantity to be dispensed is preset via the FLUXTRONIC® controller and filling is started by pressing a single button on the display. Benefits of this system include:

  • Less waste and risk of spillage
  • Minimal vapour release
  • Labour saving
  • Eliminates manual handling
  • No need for weigh scales
  • Can be used for dispensing flammable liquids


FLUX offers more than just pumps. As well as a great range of pumps and drive motors, FLUX has an extensive range of ancillary products and accessories. After analysis of the application by a FLUX consultant, complete customized solutions are developed. These can extend from small-scale product configurations through to complex systems.

Practical examples of customized solution by FLUX:


  • Filling of 10, 20 and 60 litre cans and 200 l drums from IBC stacked on racking.

Components used:

  • FLUX drum pump F 430 S TR
  • FLUX commutator motor F 457
  • PVC hose
  • FLUX flow meter FMC 100 in stainless steel with digital display unit FLUXTRONIC®
  • 2-way-valve
  • Circuit amplifier FSV 100 for controlling the motor and 2-way valve
  • Mineral oil hose integrated
  • Wired in filling unit
  • Stainless steel panel (mounted to the struts of the IBC)