Mission statement

The basis of our success


The focus of our work is on complete customer satisfaction. When using challenging fluids we provide safe and efficient solutions through our products and services. We pick up trends at an early stage and implement them for our customers’ benefit. We make a significant contribution in the areas of resource and energy efficiency which surpass by far our clients expectations.

Our values form the basis for a culture of cooperation. Employees can be assured that they are treated with respect and trust.

An overview of the FLUX values:


InnovationAlready the world's first electric drum pump in 1950 was named FLUX. Since the founding of our company, we stand for a combination of Swabian inventive spirit and innovative technology. We focus on the development of new, future-oriented products, which are tailored to the needs of our customers. As a technology pioneer, we draw on trends and make important contributions in the fields of resource and energy efficiency.


ErfolgFLUX-GERÄTE GMBH is an independent, medium-sized company that has been operating successfully in the market. Our family ownership structure guarantees the necessary continuity of a reliable partner, both externally and internally. We are committed to the principle "guidance" and do everything to ensure that our employees can take initiative and responsibility independently. This enables us to constantly develop positively the organization and innovation in the enterprise.


ZusammenarbeitIn order to meet the high demands of our customers, we strive for a long-term cooperation with them. In our company, we work in a team; respect, openness and mutual motivation shape our work processes. Reliability in a partnership is the basis for dealing with customers, suppliers and employees. Continuous cooperation creates confidence out of which successes arise.


WissenSuccess has a lot to do with knowledge: So it is very important to us to know the specific requirements of our customers. That is why we do not only deliver products but also our knowledge around the fluid technology. And therefore, the education and training of our employees as well as to pass on our know-how of over 60 years is a top priority to us. Our whole company benefits from that. It is not uncommon that FLUX trainees are specialists or managers some day. But wanted.


FairnessThe principle of performance and recognition determines our entrepreneurial actions. This applies to business relations with our customers and suppliers as well as the fair treatment of our employees. Fairness also means for us very concretely our fair payment system which was awarded in 2011 with the “Logib-D tested” award of the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. We do not demand fairness but live it in the constructive together.


QualitätThe brand name FLUX is a quality promise to our customers. They trust rightly that they always are provided with best quality. That is why we produce “Made in Germany” with a production depth of over 80 %. Quality and sustainability are reflected in our products as well as in our work processes. The durability and reliability of our pump technology have made us the market leader in many areas. The certificates of independent institutions are another proof of quality.


KundenThe focus of our work is on complete customer satisfaction. Following the maxim “Everyone a little bit more!” we are constantly looking for new product solutions and efficient services. We see ourselves as a service provider having the entire product environment in mind. We already want to identify and solve problems before they occur. This customer focus runs through all our work processes.


GesellschaftAs a company we are aware of our social commitment. Therefore, we are committed to social projects and offer our employees benefits the collective agreement does not speak of, e.g. a tax-free grant for childcare. Comprehensive health care and secure jobs are just as important to us as the environmentally conscious production of our resource-saving products.


Here you will find our climate guideline.