• The world's best drum and IBC pumps

    The highest quality and lowest whole life cost

    • From the inventor of the world's first electric drum pump
    • Pump any liquid including food, chemicals and flammables
    • Transfer, empty, mix, circulate, meter and dispense with Flux
    • 70 years of innovation
  • Automatic filling and dispensing systems

    High accuracy one-touch dispensing systems for any liquid

    • Program the amount and hit Go!
    • Improve productivity and reduce waste
    • Increase reliability and repeatability
    • Maximise return on investment
  • Manual dispensing systems

    For dispensing low viscosity liquids from drums and IBC's

    • Safe and efficient
    • Cost-effective
    • Minimise waste and spills
    • Increase safety
  • The unbeatable F430 pump with mechanical seal

    Unmatched strength and reliability

    • Unique steel-cored inner tubes on all models
    • Supremely easy to clean
    • 5 heavy duty brass bearings
    • 6 mm driveshaft as standard
    • Fully serviceable with choice of o-ring materials
  • High viscosity worm-drive pumps

    For pumping slow-flowing, difficult products

    • Dispense and transfer easily from drums and IBC's
    • Smooth, shear-sensitive, pulsation-free pumping
    • Very easy to clean and maintain
    • Industrial and hygienic versions
  • The class-leading seal-less F424 pump

    Unique spiral guide bearing for ultimate vibration resistance

    • Optimal inner tube drainage
    • Minimal cross-contamination between liquids
    • Reversible 6 mm driveshaft doubles service life
    • 24 mm heavy duty bearings and two radial lip seals
    • Oversize bearing housing with four bushing rings

What our clients say:

Flux in motion:

Programmable dispensing system in action
Pumping Vaseline with ViscoFlux Mobile
Pumping grease with ViscoFlux Lite
Factory tour and company history
Calibrating the Fluxtronic batch controller
Pumping tomato paste with ViscoFlux Mobile

FLUX – official ARO® sales partner in Great Britain

Co-operation through shared vision:

Flux now offers the full range of ARO double diaphragm pumps - the right solution for every application.

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