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Diaphragm Pumps

Flux air-operated self priming double diaphragm pumps

Air-operated diaphragm pumps

Be it viscous products, solids in suspension, abrasive fluids, highly flammable or aerated liquids: FLUX air operated diaphragm pumps meet most demands with high operational safety and reliability.  These self-priming positive displacement pumps have many benefits. Flow rate is infinitely variable via air pressure adjustment. Flow rates can be calulated easily by using an optional stroke counter. Intergrated silencers minimise noise output. ATEX and food certified versions are available if required.

Heavy duty (RFM) models are solidly constructed with matched diaphragms. They are specially designed for continuous duty applications. They ensure smooth, low shear liquid transfer, safe dry running and are completely overload-proof. These pumps can be easily dismantled for cleaning or service.

Injection-moulded/cast (FDM) pumps are available in aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and acetal body materials, with a wide range of elastomer options. These air operated diaphragm pumps have stall-free air valves and can deliver high pressures up to 8 bar.

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Technical data:

  • For containers: ~ 1000 l IBCs, tanks > 1000 l, as process pump
  • Delivery rate: max. 1.040 l/min*
  • Delivery head: max. 200 mwc*
  • Viscosity: max. just capable of flowing*
  • Operating pressure: max. 8,6 bar*
  • Suction head dry: max. 4,5 m*
  • Suction head product-filled: max. 9,5 m*
  • Housing Materials RFM:
    • PP, PTFE
  • Housing Materials FDM:
    • PP, AC, PVDF, AL, S, GG
  • Available certificates: Ex*, FDA*

* dependent on pump model, medium and motor