Immersion Pumps

Centrifugal immersion pumps

FLUX heavy duty centrifugal immersion pumps are used when larger flow rates (up to 74 m3/hr) and delivery heads (up to 3.5 Bar) are required. They are especially well suited to pumping, or continuously circulating, aggressive and abrasive media. Available in PP, PVDF or SS materials, depending on chemical compatibility and thermal requirements. Seal-less, special length (from 300 to 4000 mm) and horizontal versions are also available. They can be used for a wide range of acids and alkalis, coolants, lubricants and high flash point solvents.  IP55 three-phase electric drive motors are available from 0.37 to 5.5 kW in size, with ATEX certified motors also available if required. These pumps are specified for specific applications and are manufactured to order.

Technical data:

  • For containers: ~ 1000 l IBCs, tanks > 1000 l, as process pump
  • Delivery rate: max. 74 m3/h*
  • Delivery head: max. 35 mwc*
  • Viscosity: max. 2.500 mPas*
  • Motor drive: electric/pneumatic

* dependent on pump model, medium and motor