FLUX Pumps for chemical applications

Chemische Industrie

As a particularly dynamic driver of innovation, the chemical industry stands for a multitude of products. Visit any industrial site and you will see drums and IBC's containing almost any chemical.  Ensuring accurate, professional and safe transfer and dispensing of fluids with disparate viscosities is of crucial importance.

Whether acids, alkalis, flammable or corrosive solvents – each liquid has special safety standards that need to be considered. Individual requirements, which we at FLUX keep a competent and diligent eye on. This enables us to deliver manual and automatic dispensing solutions for even the most sensitive of fluids.

Just put us to the test and see: the chemistry is right.

Application examples

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Adhesive
  • Ammonia
  • Azide chemistry
  • Brake fluids
  • Caustic
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Demineralised water
  • Disinfectant
  • Dispersions
  • Emulsifier
  • Firemen foam
  • Formic acid
  • Greases
  • Nitric acid
  • Oil-containing solutions
  • Perchlorethylene
  • Photo chemicals
  • Plastic foam
  • Silicone paste
  • Sodium chloride solutions
  • Solvents
  • Sulfuric acid

Application descriptions

Automatically fill oils into an extruder using a metering device with quantity pre-sets.

Customer's requirements:
- Metering accuracy: +/- 1%
- Flow rate: 60 l/min
- Delivery pressure: 1 bar

F430 S drum pump with mechanical seal
F457 high power motor
FMO 110 Flow meter
FLUXTRONIC® batch controller
FSV100 Switched-mode amplifier
Solenoid valve and FAE dispense valve
Float switch
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
FLUX designed a programmable semi-automatic filling system that offers a customised solution for the customer's specific requirements,

After setting the desired quantity, the pump is started at the push of the button on the FLUXTRONIC® controller. When the set quantity has been reached, the IBC pump automatically switches off and the FAE dispensing valve closes. Switched-mode amplifier FSV 100 powers the system and which delivers the desired accuracy.

Another IBC is installed on a mezzanine above the live IBC. Its solenoid valve opens by way of a float switch, as soon as a minimum level in the live IBC has been reached. This ensures that the live IBC is automatically refilled. Additional advantage: The IBC is permanently integrated into the system and does not have to be replaced.

Please contact us to configure a filling system to meet your requirements.

Dispense Formic acid manually from IBCs into small drums. Pre-production process for manufacturing speciality chemicals for sealing systems and marking materials.

The following problems had to be solved:
- Accurate dispensing of small quantities from IBCs
- Reduce high level of waste
- No power supply available

CombiFlux FP 314 seal-less IBC pump
FBM-B 3100 Battery motor
Hose with pump nozzle and drip preventer

Application description:
The COMBIFLUX FP 314 IBC pump is ideal for this application, being perfect for dispensing small quantities. The battery motor solves the issue of not having an electrical supply nearby.

The FBM-B 3100 motor can be removed from the pump tube easily via the quick coupler. This makes it possible to dedicate pump tubes to individual containers and couple the motor only when liquid needs to be removed. Not only does this keep cost down, but it eliminates the need for cleaning pump tubes and discharge hoses.

The drip preventer on the outlet nozzle prevents liquid from continuing to drip, minimising waste.

To meter and transfer disinfectants into a ventilation system, using a gear pump and integrated flowmeter.

Customer's requirements:
- Metering accuracy:  +/- 10 ml
- Flow rate:  5 l/h
- Dose several times a day

FMO102 Flow meter
FLUXTRONIC® batch controller
Switching amplifier
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
The disinfectant is pumped into the ventilation system using a gear pump. The FMO102 flow meter and the FLUXTRONIC® batch controller performs the metering.

The FMO102 with oval gears provides the optimal solution in this application – it can meter low and high viscosity fluids very accurately.

The FLUXTRONIC® batch controller with switch amplifier provides two operating modes:
1. In "normal mode" it indicates the flow rate instantly.
2. In "automatic mode" a pre-programmed quantity of fluid can be dispensed at the push of a button to high accuracy.

A variety of flammable solvents need to be dispensed safely into various containers from 200 l drums and IBC's.

FP430 S Ex pump with mechanical seal
F460 Ex electric motor
Conductive hoses and fittings

or: Pump-kit "for universal applications"

Application description:
Our pumps are ideal for the safe removal of low viscosity flammable media such as solvents. The pump and motor are earthed before being placed into the container to be emptied.  We can supply all parts pre-assembled to enable immediate liquid transfer.

F430 S pump with mechanical seal is perfect when one pump is required for handling several different liquids. The mechanical seal prevents liquid from entering the inner tube, thereby reducing risk of cross-contamination. The intelligent design ensures the pump can also be disassembled in seconds for cleaning or maintenance.

Compliance with explosion protection requirements is essential when handling low-flash solvents. We offer specially certified drum pumps with explosion-safe motors (EX-marked) for this. Flux hand nozzles, attached to the end of the hose, ensure that filing can be conducted safely. Hoses, hand nozzles and accessories also carry approvals for use with fammable liquids.

Acids and basic cleaning agents require transfer from an IBC directly into sales packs.

F425 S pump for 99,98% drum emptying
FBM 4000 Ex Brushless motor
FLUXTRONIC® batch controller
FSV100 Switching amplifier
FAE filling unit
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
Previously IBCs had been tipped to fill the sales packs by pouring, leaving significant amounts of residual product as waste. The weight of the sales packs was determined using scales and the operator manually controlled the filling process. The customer asked Flux to eliminate waste and speed up the process.

Our semi-automatic filling system consisting of F425 S pump, FMC flowmeter, FLUXTRONIC® batch controller, FSV switched-mode amplifier and the FAE filling unit is now used. The precise fill quantity can be entered and filling is completed accurately at the touch of a button. Once the set quantity is reached, the pump is switched off automatically, speeding up the filling process.

The F425 pump can empty 99.98% of the container contents.  It has an integral non-return valve which can be closed manually when the container is empty.  The pump can be removed without liquid flowing back into the container - perfect for conserving high value products. Less than 0.05 l of residual liquid remains in a 200 l drum, so a maximum of 0.02%.

Electroplating baths needed topping up with sulphuric acid supplied in small canisters. The customer required a light-weight pump for pumping small quantities. Since there was no power supply present, the customer required a battery-powered pump.

FP 314 CombiFlux pump 500 mm
FBM-B 3100 Battery Motor
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
Our COMBIFLUX F 314 light-weight pumps are ideal for less frequent use and for dispensing from smaller containers. A quick coupler connects the motor to the pump meaning the motor can be removed from the pump quickly and easily.

Since no electric power supply was available, we were able to use our FBM-B 3100 cordless battery motor as an alternative. This high power brushless motor can pump over 3000 litres on a single charge. The operator places the pump into the container and can immediately dispense the sulphuric acid into the electroplating baths with speed and efficiency.

High-viscosity pastes need transferring from mixing tanks, which are not accessible from above, into 25 kg buckets.

F550 S TR eccentric worm-drive pump, trolley mounted
Three-phase motor with speed adjustment
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
Our F550 eccentric worm-drive pumps handle high viscosity products up to 60,000 mPas, delivering smooth, pulsation-free flow. Mounting the TR pump on a trolley provides a mobile solution that can used in multiple applications. The TR pump is connected to the bottom outlet of the tank.

One of the mixers installed into the tank keeps the silicone paste moving, ensuring the pump is continuously fed with product by gravity. Force feeding is not necessary, unlike with very high-viscosity media such as Vaseline.

A three-phase motor with variable speed control was used in this case. This meant that the silicone pastes of different viscosities can be handled by the same pump.

Silicone oils of viscosity 5000 to 10,000 mPas require dispensing into 5 l buckets from 200 l drums.

F550 GS Eccentric worm-drive pump
F457 high power commutator motor
Hose and fittings

Application description:
F550 GS eccentric worm-drive pumps are a perfect, portable solution for pumping high-viscosity media such as silicone oils. These positive displacement pumps are light-weight, easy to maintain and deliver gentle, pulsation-free flow at constant pressure.

The F550 is used to transfer the oil from the drum to a filling machine hopper. The 5 l buckets are then filled using scales. Alternatively, a flowmeter with FLUXTRONIC® batch controller could also be used. With Flux, filling and metering of virtually any fluid can be performed with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety.

Before the customer purchased the F550 pump, the drums had to be heated to approx. 80 °C  to lower the product viscosity. Otherwise it would not have been possible to transfer the oils quickly enough. Using the eccentric worm-drive pump means this additional process step is unnecessary.