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FLUX Pumps for Industry


Machine and mineral oils, hydraulic fluids and industrial greases are the lubricants that keep industrial equipment running. Engine oils and cleaning and degreasing agents are essential in the automotive and aerospace industries. The diversity of the liquids being processed is just as broad as the range of viscosities.

FLUX is happy to provide specialist advice and demonstrate which filling or dispensing concept best suits your needs. From manual filling systems to programmable, high-accuracy dispensing systems, we provide solutions that guarantee safe, efficient, cost-effective operation - even in potentially flammable atmospheres where ATEX explosion protection is required.

Application examples

  • Adhesives
  • Brake cleaner
  • Cleaner
  • Engine oils
  • Epoxy resin
  • Glue
  • Glycerin
  • Glycol
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Latex emulsion
  • Lime
  • Liquid wax
  • Mineral oil
  • Mold oil
  • Oils
  • Paraffin emulsion
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Polish
  • Polyester resin
  • Resin solutions
  • Sodium silicate
  • White spirit

Application descriptions

Filling gearboxes with lubricant grease

Gearboxes are to be filled with lubricant greases of classes 1 to 4, in quantities of 0.4 to 1.2 litres at room temperature. The grease is supplied in 200-litre drums and the transfer distance is up to 2 m. The grease can drip under certain conditions.

Customer's requirement:
- Filling accuracy:  +/- 10 g   
- Delivery pressure:  up to 4 bar  
- Flow rate: 20 l/min
- The transfer system must be able run continuously for 2 hours per unit, several times per day.

ViscoFlux Lite drum emptying system
F 550 S eccentric worm-drive pump
Spur-gear drive motor
Accessories and hoses

Application description:
The ViscoFlux lite drum emptying system is designed to pump high-viscosity media barely capable of flowing.

The system consists of an F 550 S eccentric worm-drive pump with gear motor, a pump centring plate and a follower plate with process seal. The plate is positioned on the lubricant grease and fully sealed against the drum wall by the process seal. The pump centring plate is placed on the drum. Then the worm-drive pump can be inserted through the centring plate and the guide of the follower plate, to rest on the bottom of the drum. During pumping a negative pressure is created in the drum, which draws the follower plate down as the container is emptied.

The process seal wipes the drum wall, ensuring residual quantity of less than 1% remains in the drum. After emptying, the follower plate is released from the bottom of the drum by compressed air. At the end of the filling hose, a FLUX FAE filling unit with check valve prevents dripping.

Dispensing mineral oils from vertically stacked IBCs

Filling 10, 20 and 60-litre canisters, plus 200-l drums. As the IBCs are vertically stacked, they are not accessible from the top. Dispensing is therefore only possible via the bottom outlet.

F430 TR centrifugal pump
F457 commutator motor
FMO flow meter
FLUXTRONIC® batch controller
FSV100 Switched-mode amplifier
Hoses and accessories

Application description:
Whenever containers are not accessible from above, our horizontal centrifugal TR pumps are the perfect solution.  These pumps can be mounted on a baseplate or trolley for additional mobility.

Using our FMO flow meter with FLUXTRONIC® batch controller and FSV switched-mode amplifier, the desired quantity can be programmed and dispensing can completed accurately at the push of a button. Filling is started by pressing the button on the outlet unit and switches off automatically after filling is complete.

Filling industrial greases

Class 2 grease requires filling into canisters of various sizes. The grease is supplied in ISO lidded 210 litre drums.  As little as possible of the grease should be left in the ISO lidded drum container. The filling should be automated, in other words done using a preconfigured volume.

Drum emptying system VISCOFLUX lite
Eccentric worm-drive pump F 550 S
Three-phase motor
Flow meter FMO
Evaluation electronic FLUXTRONIC®
Switched-mode amplifier
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Our VISCOFLUX lite drum emptying system will be placed directly on the surface of the grease in the open drum. Next, our F 550 S eccentric worm-drive pump will be attached by means of a crossbeam. Filling can begin immediately after the motor is put on. The follower plate skims the grease cleanly from the drum wall. In this way, after emptying completely, a residue of less than 1% remains in the drum.

The required volume can be predefined with the additional use of our FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronic plus FMO flow meter and switched-mode amplifier. This volume can then be filled automatically at the push of a button. Our VISCOFLUX lite drum-emptying system is ideal for quickly and easily decanting high-viscosity media and high-quality or air-sensitive substances, without pulsations.

Overall, the filling is extremely economical: there is no need to warm the medium, only a tiny residue remains and all system components are cleaned quickly.

Filling polishes from mixing vessels

As an alternative to manual removal, various boot polishes require filling into drums from different mixing vessels – in particular quicker and more cost effectively than previously.

Drum pump F 430 S with mechanical seal
Commutator motor F 460-1
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Our drum pumps are perfect for filling low-viscosity media, e.g. boot polishes, and other applications as a quick and, in particular, simpler alternative to manual filling – especially the FLUX drum pump F 430 S in stainless steel with mechanical seal.

The mechanical seal on the shaft prevents the medium from being dispersed. This means that the drum pump can be used for different polishes or media one after the other with a minimum amount of cleaning.

To remove the medium, the drum pump – at immersion depths of up to 3000 mm – is simply placed in the mixing vessel and the polish is pumped via a hose into a drum or other container.

Filling lime milk from IBCs

Lime milk requires decanting from IBCs and dispensing into various wastewater tanks. A flow rate of approx. 60 l/min. is required by the customer. The wear on a previously used centrifugal pump was too much for the customer and our solution should significantly reduce this.

Air-operated diaphragm pump RFM 25 with flap valves
Suction tube with IBC cover
Pressure reducer
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Wastewater from production is collected in a tank and then requires neutralising with lime milk.

The lime milk is now supplied by our RFM 25 air-operated diaphragm pump. Our air-operated diaphragm pumps are self-priming and safe in dry operation.

In this case, the RFM 25 was equipped with flap valves. This is an advantage for abrasive media, such as lime milk here. With its solid construction, our RFM series air-operated diaphragm pump is made from highly resistant materials and has extremely low shear forces, meaning that the wear has also been significantly reduced.

Filling of silicone oils

Various silicone oils, with a viscosity of up to 12,500 mPas require filling into sealed containers from 200 l drums. In doing so, a height of 10 metres must be overcome.

Customer's requirements:
- Flow rate: min. 20 l/min
- Mobile use required

Eccentric worm-drive pump F 550 GS
Commutator motor F 458-1
Overflow valve
Hose and hose sleeve
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
The F 550 GS model FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps are outstanding for high-viscosity media such as silicone oil with a viscosity of up to 30,000 mPas. Their specific gearboxes make them suitable for a relatively lightweight AC motor, making mobile use and simple operation possible.

Simply insert the eccentric worm-drive pump into the drum and filling can begin.

With positive displacement pumps, counter-pressures of up to 8 bars are possible making the 10 m delivery head and pump capacity of min. 20 l/min. required here easily achievable.

An overflow valve can be fitted to the eccentric worm-drive pump. This makes it possible to push the end of the hose off while the pump is running without critical pressures occurring in the pump/hose system.

Mixing and filling of cooling lubricants

Various cooling lubricants require filling into smaller containers from an IBC at a flow rate of approx. 80 l/min. The liquid needs to be mixed continually.

Drum pump F 426 for mixing and/or pumping
Commutator motor F 457-1 EL
Hose and pump nozzles
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
FLUX drum pumps are ideal for low-viscosity media such as cooling lubricants. Our F 426 drum pump is the perfect solution in this case where the medium needs to be mixed and/or pumped.

The F 426 drum pump is recommended for the mixing and/or pumping of diverse media. It enables media prone to rapid separation to be kept moving even during the pumping process.

The transition between "Mix" and "Pump" is performed very easily by activating a control lever which can be changed even during operation. This makes it possible to switch flexibly between the filling and mixing process.

With the F 426 drum pump, the cooling lubricants are filled into smaller containers from the IBC and are then mixed for a certain period of time to ensure that the medium is kept moving.

Vehicle refuelling with various fuels

For component testing by a large automotive group, various vehicles require refuelling for test purposes.

Drum pump F/FP 425 Ex for 99.98% drum emptying
Commutator motor F 460 Ex
Flow meter FMC 100
Chemical hose
Pump nozzle
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
To test the suitability of individual components, various vehicles will be refuelled from 200 l standard drums with different special fuels and country-specific special fuels. Consumption and emission measurements are taken at the same time.

Our 400 series drum pumps are perfect for low-viscosity and highly flammable media such as fuels. Our F/FP 425 stainless steel drum pump is tailor made for areas subject to explosion hazards. The FLUX F/FP 425F 425 drum pump ensures 99.98% drum emptying. The non-return device on the pump prevents the medium from flowing back into the emptied drum. This means that for a 200 l drum, residues of less than 0.05 l are ensured and, thanks to optimal product use, so are reduced drum cleaning and waste disposal costs.

The filling process is performed with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety with the FMC 100 flow meter, constructed based on the disk type displacement principle and equipped with FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics. An additional switched-mode amplifier ensures that predefined quantities of the various fuels can be filled in a semi-automated manner.

Operators set the desired flow rate and can fill the vehicle with the medium in question at the push of a button. Once the specified fill quantity is reached, the drum pump turns off automatically. This process can be repeated continuously.

Metering of transmission oil into various gearboxes

Different small quantities of transmission oils require filling into gearboxes directly with predefined quantities.

Drum pump F 430 S with mechanical seal
Commutator motor F 457
Flow meter FMO 102
FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics
FSV 100 switched-mode amplifier
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Prior to introducing our drum pumps, the transmission oil was filled in the gearboxes by hand using oil cans but this often lacked speed.

Our F 430 S drum pumps with mechanical seal are now used. These are ideal for low-viscosity media. The mechanical seal prevents the medium from being dispersed. This means that the drum pump can be used for quite different media one after another.

Each workstation has been equipped with a semi-automatic filling system specially designed for the application in question. This consists of drum pump, motor, flow meter, FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics, switched-mode amplifier and solenoid valve. Each employee can now fill the predefined quantity automatically at the push of a button via the external evaluation electronics. After the filling process, the drum pump turns off automatically and the process can be repeated. This prevents over and underfilling.