General functional descriptions



The components of the VISCOFLUX lite drum emptying system are the FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump with motor, the pump centring plate and the follower plate with process seal. The follower plate is put directly onto the media in the drum. The pump centring plate is fixed above it on the edge of the drum. The pump is then routed through the opening of the pump centring plate and the follower plate guide down to the bottom of the drum.

The eccentric worm-drive pump creates a vacuum, so the follower plate goes down. The flexible process seal of the follower plate makes sure that almost no material remains on the drum wall. The material transferred is hermetically sealed in. In this way, the VISCOFLUX lite empties drums to less than 1 % residue. After the transfer of the medium, the follower plate is released from the bottom of the drum by means of compressed air.



VISCOFLUX mobile is a stand-alone system consisting of a process device and a pump unit comprising of a motor, pump and follower plate which is individually designed for each application. Steerable rear wheels on the trolley make it easy to move the system to the drum. During transfer of the material, the pump unit is lowered by means of a rechargeable battery drive until the follower plate touches the material.

Then the integrated freewheel automatically disengages the moving sledge with the pump system from the lifting sledge, and the lifting sledge is lowered further independent of the pump system. The self-priming eccentric-worm drive pump creates a vacuum below the follower plate which causes the follower plate to lower. This guarantees especially gentle transport of the medium. The flexible process seal adjusts even to beads and tapered constrictions, leaving almost no material on the drum wall. In this way, VISCOFLUX mobile achieves residual quantities of less than 1 % in the drum and less than 2 % if aseptic bags are used.