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Battery Pump

The Flux battery pump with brushless motor FBM-B 3100 is the ultimate lightweight, cordless solution for emptying containers, barrels and even IBC’s. The motor can be instantly coupled to any CombiFlux pump tube of suitable length using snap-fit connectors, providing the user with ultimate flexibility. The motor is quiet, maintenance-free and has a long battery runtime of up to 200 min.

The upgraded 2.5 Ah Li-ion battery can be recharged within 55 min and replaced in seconds. 230V or 110V chargers are available. The FBM-B 3100 motor is fitted with infinitely variable speed control switch, allowing the user to accurately control flow rate. This means a 200 l drum can be emptied in 3 minutes (at maximum motor speed), or over fifteen x 200 litre drums can be emptied with one battery charge (at minimum motor speed).

The modular design means different pumps can be driven by the same motor. The user could choose to dedicate a pump tube to a product and move the motor between pumps, providing an economical solution to pumping smaller quantities. Please click the links to FBM-B 3100 motor and CombiFlux FP314 below to select the correct pump material for your application. Note the battery pump is designed for liquids of max viscosity 250 mPas, and max density 1.2.  Higher viscosity and density liquids may adversely affect flow rates and run times.