Maintenance units – air filter/controller

For reliable, efficient and clean compressed air

Maintenance units

The operating costs of air-driven systems can be cut and their service lives extended by using the ARO® FLO series. Solid particles can be efficiently removed from compressed air pipes using ARO® maintenance units. The first choice for applications with high flow rates.

Product catalogue for accessories


  • High output:
    It is much easier for the air to flow through ARO® FLO air filters and controllers than most other air filter units.
  • Modular design:
    Ideal addition to all parts from the ARO® accessory range for the respective size range.
  • Safety:
    All FLO accessories have been provided with integrated safety functions.

ARO® maintenance units are available as:

  • Filter
  • Oiler
  • Pressure controller
  • Filter controller (“piggyback”)
  • Filter/controller/oiler combination (2 and 3 parts)
  • In nominal widths of 1/4” and 1”