Filling and Dispensing Systems

Manual and automatic solutions for drums, IBC’s and tanks

Filling and dispensing systems

A standard FLUX filling system is comprised of pump and drive motor, discharge hose and hand-operated dispense nozzle, selected to suit your application. Adding a flow meter provides volumetric metering with manual control. 

Alternatively, upgrade to one-touch automatic dispensing with Fluxtronic batch controller and FAE filling unit for filling smaller containers. The FAE (pictured left) is fitted with check valve to ensure accurate batch filling (typical accuracy <1%).

FAE also includes remote start-stop button for fast, repeatable dispensing operations. Click the links below for further information and check our Liquid Filling Machines page for details on the Fluxtronic controller.

 Benefits of this system include:

  • Less waste and risk of spillage
  • Minimal vapour release
  • Labour saving
  • Fast, repeatable and accurate
  • Eliminates manual handling
  • No need for weigh scales
  • Can be used for dispensing flammable liquids

FLUX filling systems: