Manual Filling System

Manual and semi-automatic dispensing systems

Filling and dispensing systems

FLUX filling systems provide everything required for the fast and safe emptying of containers. They provide an economical alternative to conventional automatic filling machinery and stations. A standard FLUX filling system is comprised of a drum pump and drive motor specially configured for the application, discharge hose and dispensing nozzle.  Metering via the dispensing nozzle can be done manually by use of a hand operated nozzle, or semi-automatically in combination with flow meter and a FLUX filling unit (FAE). The FAE is fitted with spring operated check valve to ensure accurate batch filling.  It can optionally be fitted with wired or wireless operated start-stop button for fast dispensing operation.  For high viscosity applications above 2500 cP, we recommend use of the RS type filling nozzle with actuated ball valve to ensure accurate dispensing.  Systems can also be designed for permanent installation using air or electrically operated pumps mounted outside tanks or IBC containers. 

Benefits of this system include:

  • Less waste and risk of spillage
  • Minimal vapour release
  • Labour saving
  • Repeatable
  • Eliminates manual handling
  • No need for weigh scales
  • Can be used for dispensing flammable liquids