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Metering acetone and resin


The customer required an accurate automated system to decant acetone and epoxy resin from drums and IBC tanks into 5 kg and 25 kg containers. They wanted to use one pump system for both products, thereby providing maximum return on their investment. A fixed point of dispense was required, allowing the operator to complete labelling and capping duties as the containers were being filled.


Batching system for acetone

The Flux 1200 mm long F550 Ex pump with 230V single phase motor allows us to pump high and low viscosity flammable fluids from both drums and IBC tanks. An FMO series positive displacement geared flowmeter is wall mounted for convenience, fitted with Ex-approved Fluxtronic batch controller. Conductive flexible hoses connect the pump, meter and RS type dispense valve.

Filling system for acetone

The RS valve is wall mounted on an adjustable arm and a scissor adjustable table allows the operator to fill different sized containers. A remote start-stop button on the valve allows the operator fill containers accurately whilst completing labelling capping.  Dry-run protection automatically shuts the pump down on zero flow and the batch can be completed once a new IBC or drum is connected.


The system has increased productivity ten-fold and the customer is on target to achieve payback on their investment within 9 months of installation.


No dangerous lifting IBC’s, no dangerous spills.

Increased accuracy, efficiency and transfer speed.