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Metering Ethanol


A gin manufacturer needed to transfer ethanol from IBC tanks their stills several times per day. They wanted to ensure that the correct volume was transferred into their process every time. They required a mobile solution that could be used in various locations in their warehouse. Plus they wanted to reduce the chance of spills and eliminate manual handling.


Ethanol chemical drum pump metering system on a trolley

We provided a portable pump trolley with earth-bonded ATEX (Ex) and food-safe components, which is safe to use in the Zoned area. The F430 series pump is stainless steel 316 with FKM seals and has FDA / EN1935 food certification. The pump was fitted with an Ex IP55 totally-sealed drive motor and stainless steel flowmeter with Fluxtronic batch controller. Conductive food grade hoses and isolation valves were used to couple to the IBC and the stainless steel FAE dispense nozzle.

Metering system for ethanol set up on trolley

The FAE nozzle has a remote start-stop feature which allows the operator to stop the pump mid-batch, re-start and complete accurately if necessary. Dry-run protection automatically shuts the pump down on zero flow and the batch can be completed once a new IBC is connected.


No dangerous lifting IBC’s, no dangerous spills.

Increased accuracy, efficiency and transfer speed.