Automatic Filling Systems

Fast, accurate dispensing of at the push of a button

Need to improve safety and reduce manual handling? Want to improve dispensing speed and accuracy? Cut waste and reduce spills?  Improve productivity and profitability?  Then talk to FLUX, experts in drum, IBC and tank and dispensing solutions. Whatever your problem, whatever the liquid, whatever the viscosity, FLUX can probably help.  Flammable liquids, food and beverage products, aggressive acids and alkalis, oils and greases – we can pump and dispense them all.  Both electric and compressed air powered solutions are available.

We can dispense from any vessel - drum, barrel, IBC or tank.  High or low viscosity.  From simple, low cost solutions, through to bespoke systems for permanent installation.  Need a trolley mounted solution for connection to IBC bottom outlet? No problem. Need a fixed system for transferring liquids to a high level mixer? No problem. Want to dispense fuel oil from a 20 ton tank into 20 litre cans? No problem. We can even fill 250 ml bottles from a drum or IBC. 

See our Liquid Filling Machines page to understand more about the Fluxtronic programmable batch controller. Alternatively, give us a call to discuss your application with our experts and see how FLUX can save your business time and money.


  • Competitive alternative to conventional automatic filling machines and stations.
  • Suitable for low and high viscosity media – consult FLUX.
  • Can be used with any electric or pneumatic drum, barrel, IBC or AOD (air operated diaphragm) pump.
  • Fast, accurate dispensing at the push of a button.
  • Pre-set quantity can be set via FLUXTRONIC®
  • Dispense by weight or volume.
  • Can also be used in hazardous areas
  • Typical system comprises drum pump, drive motor, flow meter, hose, switching amplifier and FLUX discharge unit (FAE).
  • The FAE is fitted with spring operated check valve to ensure accurate batch filling.  It can optionally be fitted with wired or wireless operated start-stop button for fast dispensing operation.