Liquid filling machines


Product attributes

Used in conjunction with FMO and FMC flowmeters to display flow data. When combined with pump, switching amplifier, flowmeter, hoses and valve, Fluxtronic allows accurate batch dispensing. The Fluxtronic controller is configured by the user.  Features are as follows:

  • Battery powered (explosion proof for use in Zone 1)
  • Stores up to 10 pre-set batch volumes
  • Batch volume can also be manually adjusted by the user on-the-fly
  • User can choose to dispense in kg, litres, gallons etc.
  • Stores up to 10 calibration factors for 10 different fluids - calibration factor only needs to be entered if dispensing in kg.
  • Shows actual flow rate
  • Stores total volume pumped, allowing user to monitor usage and easily determine how much liquid is left in the container
  • Dry run protection will shut off power to the pump motor (or pneumatic valve) if no flow is detected (delay time selectable).
  • Selectable lock feature to safeguard settings.
  • Factory reset feature
  • Current-less memory ensures data settings are maintained.
  • Can send pulse signal to an external control box (not supplied) to sound a siren or flash a beacon at the end of a batch.
  • Can output pulse signal to an external datalogger if required.
  • Can operate 1 or 2 electrically operated valves if required.
  • Has auto correct function (for use with electrically actuated solenoid valves)

The FLUXTRONIC® controller is combined with FMC/FMJ/FMO flowmeter to deliver safe, accurate, filling and dispensing of any liquid. There are two operating options.  In "normal mode" only the delivered volume is displayed.  In "automatic mode" it is possible to dispense pre-programmed quantities semi-automatically at the push of a button. When the operator requests liquid delivery, up to two signals can be sent.  The signals can be used to operate a pump motor (usually when dispensing from a drum, barrel or IBC), open a valve at the dispensing point (or a tank outlet), or connect to a control panel or PLC.


  • Can be installed at pump outlet or in fixed pipework
  • Stores up to 10 calibration factors for different liquids
  • Dispense by volume or weight
  • Displays delivered quantity (normal mode)
  • Accurate batch operation possible in automatic mode (requires switching amplifier)
  • New menu-driven control panel
  • Three additional outputs
  • Certified for use in Zone 1 and 2 areas
  • 4 level PIN code access