Food Grade Drum Pumps

Flux manufactures a range of hygienic pumps for handling food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Flux FOOD pumps meet the latest European safety standards for food contact surfaces, EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011, along with US FDA CFR 21 standards. Pumps are also available with 3-A sanitary certification if required.

The Flux FOOD series includes low viscosity barrel and IBC pumps FP427 and FP430, and high viscosity eccentric worm drive pumps F560S and F560GS. All pumps have hygienic clamp connections. Pump bodies and welds are treated and highly polished to minimise “dead spots” and these pumps are easy to dismantle and clean. The FP430 FOOD pump features explosion protection for transfer of alcohols and can be used to pump liquids containing small solids. F560 offers gentle, pulsation free product transfer and will handle soft solids up to 10 mm in size without damage, due to the progressive cavity design.

We recommend the F458 series drive motor for use with these pumps. This metal bodied motor is IP55 rated, internally cooled and fully sealed, therefore perfect for use in sanitary applications. The IP55 F460 Ex motor should be used with the F430 FOOD pump for handling alcohols. Flux can also provide a range of approved accessories for use with FOOD pumps including discharge spouts, manual and automated valves, hand nozzles, swaged fittings and discharge hoses.

FLUX Food & Hygienic Grade Pumps: