Safetec dispensing system

Liquid dispensing from re-useable full-containment IBC’s with CDS/QC couplings

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All over the world, the requirement for safer chemical handling, environmental protection and sustainability is steadily increasing. For these reasons, more chemicals are now brought to market in sealed drums or IBC containers that are emptied using a permanently installed immersion tube, requiring a suction removal process.

It is not possible to empty such full containment IBC’s with classic drum and container pumps, as there are no openings for inserting these pumps. A self-priming pump is required for emptying the container, via the immersion tube. For this purpose, FLUX has developed the SAFETEC pump set. The pump set contains all components required for safe emptying of full containment drums and IBC’s.

Safetec pump-kit brochure

Benefits of full containment re-usable IBC's and pumping via immersion tube:

  • The container remains sealed
  • Impossible to contaminate the product with dirt or particles
  • Optimum occupational safety even in the event of incorrect operation. The quick-action coupling ensures that unintentional leakage is impossible
  • No drips or spills. Manual handling of wetted parts is eliminated. No need to open caps, valves or closures
  • Reusable IBC’s deliver reduced cleaning costs. The sealing method ensures they can be refilled without cleaning or flushing.
  • Using a double-walled IBC without low-level outlet means spill collection trays or bunds are no longer required.

Benefits of the SAFETEC pump kit:

  • All components are mounted in a compact console. The console is delivered with a mounting bracket for wall or trolley mounting
  • An integrated sensor detects when the IBC container is empty and switches off the pump
  • With integrated flow measurement, the SAFETEC pump set is suitable for accurate container filling or batch dosing*
  • Convenient operation via touch panel interface (can be operated wearing chemical gloves)*
  • Hermetically sealed self-priming pump and leakage tray with liquid sensor* provides the safest pumping system

* Optional
Connect the coupling and hose to the CDS coupler, then connect the opposite end to the pump set. Connect the pump discharge to your system or delivery point with suitable dispense hose. The pump set empties the container and shuts off automatically when the container is empty (Standard model and above). The upgraded COMFORT D version utilises a flow-sensing dispense nozzle fitted to the discharge hose, for filling smaller containers. Simply enter the desired amount via the touch panel to accurately dispense pre-set quantities. The pump switches off automatically when the required quantity has been reached.

Technical datas

Pump material PP ETFE
Material piping PVC PVDF
Max. Media temperature [°C] 60 60
Max. Conveying capacity [l/min] 40 40
Max. Head [mWs] 13 13
Motor power [kW] 0,75 0,75
Voltage [V] 230 230
Connection suction and pressure side G1 1/4 G1 1/4
Weight [kg] 50 50
Dimensions B x H x T [mm] 840 x 850 x 340 840 x 850 x 340


  • Self-priming centrifugal pump
    Magnetic-drive pumps do not require a motor shaft seal, meaning the pump is hermetically sealed. This eliminates the possible leak-path and reduces pump maintenance. PP or ETFE bodied pumps are available depending on the chemicals to be pumped. The pump is self-priming to a suction height of 5 m and runs quietly and smoothly.
  • IBC level sensor
    Protects the pump from dry running. The sensor detects when air bubbles appear in the pipeline. As soon as the container is empty and air is drawn in, the sensor switches the pump off.
  • Tray level sensor (option)
    This sensor detects liquid that may collect in the leakage tray. The pump is automatically switched off and the fault is shown on the user interface.
  • Flow meter (option)
    The KOMFORT D pump set includes a flowmeter allowing flow rate and quantity pumped to be recorded. The metering system also provides accurate dosing and container filling functionality.
  • Removable clear Acrylic cover
    Fitted to the console for splash and intrusion protection.


    Includes control switch with integrated motor protection for manual pump control.
    Includes control panel with control switch, on/off button and pump dry run protection. The pump is automatically switched off when the container is empty.
    Digital touch panel displays operating status, fault condition: container empty / dry run; pump tray leakage (option). Emergency stop button and control switch also included.
    Digital touch panel with programmable dispensing. Displays operating status; Fault condition: container empty / dry run; pump tray leakage (option). Emergency stop button and control switch also included.

Dosing is controlled via the digital user interface. Two operating modes are provided:

  • Manual mode: on/off switching via touch panel
  • Automatic mode: volume pre-sets can be stored and selected. After filling has been initiated, the pump starts and stops automatically when the desired volume has been dispensed. If the container is empty and air is detected, the pump is automatically switched off and the operating status is displayed on the touch panel.