Pump selection guide

Help to select the most appropriate Flux pump:

  1. For low viscosity applications <1200 mPas, determine if F300 or F400 Series impeller pump is most appropriate. This will depend on several key factors:
    • Liquid viscosity and density at pumping temperature
    • Duty cycle (run time)
    • Frequency of use
    • Environmental conditions
    • Flow and pressure considerations
    • Power source available
    • Container opening size

Rule-of-thumb: For light-medium duty applications when electricity supply is available, viscosity is <250 mPas and density < 1.3, select F300 pump. For heavy-duty applications, tough duty cycles, flammable liquids, corrosive atmospheres, liquid viscosity <1200 mPas and density <1.9, select F400 Series pump. Note: Although F300 pumps are generally used in lighter duty applications, they are still fitted with S1 rated motors, ie. suitable for continuous running.

  1. For viscosities >1200 cP consider Viscopower progressive cavity pumps.

Rule-of-thumb: For viscosities <30,000 mPas consider F570 design with gearbox. For viscosities <30,000 mPas, consider F580 design with bearing flange. Consult Flux for technical advice - high viscosity applications (especially when handling dilatant, sticky and Newtonian media) can be challenging.

  1. Check pump performance curves to determine if the pump selected can deliver the desired flow and pressure. Take into account static head, pipe bore size and pipe length.
  2. Consider electric motor options. What voltage, power rating, IP rating, temperature class, vapour ingress protection? Consider FBM4000 brush-less motor for heavy duty applications with tough duty cycles.
  3. For F400 series and Viscopower series pumps only, consider compressed air motor options.
  4. Check Flux chemical compatibility chart. Ensure all wetted pump materials are compatible with the liquids. Remember: take liquid temperature, specific gravity and viscosity into account.
  5. Select required immersion length – 1000 litre IBC’s require a 1200 mm pump, 205 litre standard drums require a 1000 mm pump, 700 mm (and shorter) pumps are available for use with smaller carboys and containers. Longer pumps are also available for special applications.
  6. For high flow applications consider 50 mm diameter F400 Series pumps or special 100 mm diameter F430 container pumps.
  7. For high pressure applications, consider Viscopower series progressive cavity pumps, or F400 series pumps with high pressure “Z” impellers.
  8. Stainless steel F400 or Viscopower series pumps and motors with ATEX (Ex) approval must be selected for handling flammable liquids with low flash points. We advise that Ex approved equipment is used with liquids with flashpoint below 50 deg C. See further advice for pumping flammable liquids below.
  9. If the pump is to be used for one liquid (or similar liquids), consider F314 or F424 seal-less pumps.
  10. If the pump is to be used with several liquids, or where cross-contamination is not desirable, consider F310 or F430 series pumps.
  11. F310 or F430 series pumps should be selected when handling crystallizing liquids, or liquids containing solid particles, as the pump bearings are protected from premature wear.
  12. If the liquid is valuable, or particularly toxic, consider F425 pumps with foot valves. These pumps can empty 99.98% of container contents and minimise spillage/wastage during container changes.
  13. For applications where mixing and pumping are required, consider F426 switchable mixer pumps – a lower cost solution when compared to a separate mixer and pump.
  14. Select F427 pump with hygienic approvals for food and pharmaceutical applications. Select F430 FOOD Ex pump for alcohols, foodstuffs containing particles, or where minimal cross-contamination between pumped fluids is desired.
  15. For dedicated IBC or tank emptying applications, consider MiniFlux and TR Series pumps for connection to IBC bottom outlet. Consult Flux UK for advice on baseplate or trolley mounting solutions.
  16. Consider pump accessories required – wall hanging brackets, fume glands for emission control, compression glands, IBC caps, hose connections, hoses and trigger nozzles – see accessories web page for further information.