Paddle IBC mixers

For viscous liquids and high circulating performance

FLUX mixers for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenising, chilling, dissolving, mixing, neutralising, stirring, circulating or exchanging heat efficiently can be used for container sizes from 30 to 30000 litres. please call us for advice on your application.

The FLUX mixer program was developed as a modular system. The drive motors are in correspondence with IEC standards. Mixer shafts in lengths of 150 to 1800 mm are offered in stainless steel 316 L or with a coating in PVDF or PE, so can be used for various types of liquids.


  • Circulating performance: up to 3.600 m3/h
  • Low speed: approx. 70-133 rpm
  • For fluids up to max viscosity 12,000 mPas in IBC's
  • Suitable for high viscosity fluids in IBC's and smaller tanks
  • Suitable for low viscosity fluids in large tanks >4000 litres
  • With gearbox and IBC mounting traverse
  • 3-phase motors with motor protection isolator
  • Optional inverters for variable speed control
  • Shafts and blades in stainless steel 316L
  • Optional PE-coated shafts and blades.
  • IBC models with folding 400 mm diameter blades
  • For liquids with max. 10 % solids