F416 Compressed Air Motor

The lightweight and easy to handle compressed-air motor

The compressed-air motor F 416 Ex is very light und easy to handle and at the same time extremely powerful. Thanks to a silencer it is very quiet. Alternatively an exhaust hose can be used with which the exhaust air can be guided to an oil separator. The speed is simply adjusted by the operating pressure or the amount of air. The motor is available in three versions: F 416 Ex with tip valve, F 416-1 Ex without valve and F 416-2 Ex with ball valve.

Technical datas:

  • Ex: II G IIC T6
  • Ventilation: External
  • Pressure: 6 bar
  • Performance (Watt): 470 W
  • Speed adjustment: Optional
  • Weight: 0,9 – 1,4 kg


  • Very light and easy to handle
  • Extremely powerful
  • With adjustable tip valve
  • F 416 Ex: with tip valve
  • F 416-1 Ex: without valve
  • F 416-2 Ex: with ball valve