F400 Series heavy duty pumps

Class-leading, easily serviced pumps for fluids with viscosity <1200 mPas.

Flux manufactures several F400 pump designs, shown below, all of which are available in different lengths.  Flux barrel and drum pumps always comprise two key parts – the pump and the motor.  This allows Flux to offer the right solution for every application.  F400 pumps are compact and generally lightweight, for easy handling.  These pumps are designed for extremely long service, with lowest life costs – all parts are available to purchase separately.  Flux Pumps are built to last!  These pumps are used in the toughest applications all over the world, with unique design features ensuring optimal performance. 

Drive motors are connected to F400 pumps by a quick-release hand wheel.  The hand wheel is a compact design, connected to the pump by a simple circlip.  This design minimises risk of damage if the pump tube is accidentally dropped. Different drive motors can be used with the same pump – the motor can be quickly removed and replaced.  The quick release hand-wheel also allows one drive motor to be used with several pump tubes, providing a low cost solution to pumping several different liquids.  Please see the dedicated Motors web pages for motor options and motor selection considerations.