Serfilco UK

Serfilco International Ltd is one of Flux Pumps competitors in the liquid transfer and dispense sector. Serfilco began in 1975 as a process filtration specialist, operating out of an office in Manchester. They are now a global supplier of liquid handling equipment for the chemical, surface finishing and process industries. Serfilco has a workforce of approximately 100 staff globally.

Serfilco design and manufacture corrosion resistant pumps, filters and agitators from a variety of materials. The philosophy of Serfilco International is “Global products, local service and advice you can rely on”. It aims to provide products that enable their customers to improve quality, save money, achieve operator compliance and protect the environment. The Serfilco business model has been based on expansion through acquisition, close relationships with sub-distributors and partners, and expansion into emerging markets. They also target end-users through their website.

Serfilco International is available via its online website and its phone line 0161 7751910 is also available weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00.

In the UK, Serfilco is lead by General Manager, Robert Sawyer.  Robert started his career as a sales engineer at Selwood Pump Company. He moved to Serfilco in 2004, working his way up to Sales & Marketing Manager and finally General Manager & Director.

For customers requiring the best transfer pumps, one of the advantages that Flux Pumps have over Serfilco is our far wider range of pumps, motors, flowmeters and accessories, with every part available to purchase as a spare. Flux has a laser-like focus on production of the best pumps and dispense systems, we do not produce filters, tanks, agitation or aeration systems. Flux Pumps has a dedicated factory located near Stuttgart, Germany, where we design and produce all pumps and motors in-house. This is one reason why Flux leads the world in terms of quality and lowest whole life cost. Flux also has a comprehensive fleet of demo pumps which are available for customers to trial in their process free of charge.

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